Y'all have until 23:59 Monday night (PST) to leave a comment and get lucky with this lovely heart. It's a patch, it's a pin, it's a kit. And it's free for the having.

Lola will pick a name on Tuesday. Bonne chance!


Blogger Paper Girl Productions said...

omg, I LOVE it!!

14/12/08 21:39  
Blogger 경호 said...

Hey, I saw your posting on the Craigslist. I am from Korea and going back to my country next month. I want to give this to my little sister for the new years gift. Could you make me have an opportunity to be a good brother?

14/12/08 21:51  
Blogger Digital Misfit said...

Very cool! I would love a heart patch! J'aime ca!


14/12/08 22:23  
Blogger J said...

Here, Kitty Kitty
please pick me. I like it and I would embelish it with beautifull beads and give it to my girlfriend, who would probably stitch it to her grey wool Lucky bag.
Thank you, Jenn and Athena

14/12/08 23:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i try to keep her safe,warm,happy.
often she can not remember my name.
he says i am the love his life,his
little flower.he can not live with
out me or with me.an unfaithful man.
at the richs house the grass grows
green.i tend a garden,it isn't mine.

sometimes a bird pauses to sing and
i alone hear it's song.the light was
just perfect inspite of the rain.

14/12/08 23:11  
Anonymous sarah said...

Suppose I could say that I would sew this onto a gift that i've made for someone, but I would really just like to wear your heart on my literal sleeve. ...seems as though it would serve as a lovely reminder that there is beauty in randomness, hope in connection, and little moments of joy when folks who don't know each other come together in tiny ways like these. (these are the moments that make me happy, that give me hope in possibility and creative community). thank you. love.

15/12/08 00:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As my Big Heart, (you know, the one that holds the WHOLE WORLD inside of it, not just your mom and your cat and your sweetheart)
yeah, my very big Big Heart is broken and oozing, and this is preventing me from carrying on the Big Heart Tasks I've taken up-
I must admit I need help. Badly. Very badly.

Details on request- not for qawkers.
Feel me?

15/12/08 02:38  

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