Leave a comment before midnight PST and you might find this fuzzy black heart in your mailbox.


Blogger Diction said...

i thought it was a kit like.. a kit. like two pieces of felt and a pattern. hrm.

8/12/08 16:28  
Blogger will said...

i came here looking for a broken heart. i was bogged down in your code, tho.

i read it like dicky, i want open source patch kits.

your hair looks cute,
or, the lack of it.

8/12/08 17:36  
Blogger evelyn. said...

i heart black hearts

8/12/08 17:38  
Anonymous KDD said...

it's very sweet- a black felted heart.

8/12/08 21:59  
Blogger Digital Misfit said...

I would definitely put this on my sleeve - a dark and twisted version of wearing your heart on your sleeve!


8/12/08 22:45  
Anonymous Z said...

It was how my heart felt... and how it is.

9/12/08 11:33  

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