Today you are two months old.

You're making me reconsider what it means to be a human living on this little planet we refer to as Earth. My life with you in it has slowed to a crawl; we move at the speed of baby. I get maybe one or two things done in a day that aren't laundry or nursing or napping or feeding myself. Priorities become very clear when you're only able to get one thing done in a day. But I've come to reunderstand that life is all about eating, sleeping, cuddling, walking, pooping, and enjoying the trees. You really, really like trees.

The second month has been pretty big. You've made some huge developmental changes and it's been pretty fun watching you morph from newborn to baby. You're no long teeny tiny and lumpy. You get stronger every day. You wake up that much more every week. Those noises you started to create last month have only increased in complexity and frequency. There was one day last week when you talked ALL DAY. A total chatterbox you were. It was neat.

And the smiles. OH MY GOD the smiles. There was one really rough day (nothing to do with you) and I really needed a hug. Just one. And I would have taken it from just about anyone. But you were the only other human around and you don't hug. Not yet. Too complicated, this hugging thing, for a newborn. But then you woke up from a nap and gave me a huge smile. A smile so bright and warm that it was better than that hug I was needing.


Month two also marks the one third way mark on your path towards solids. ONE THIRD. I'm shocked at how fast that went by. Before any of us know it, you'll be eating, not drinking. This is exciting. I have found myself over and over wanting to share whatever tasty morsel is in my hand with you. I can't wait to introduce you to all my favorite foods and flavors. You lucked out, kiddo, and you don't even know it yet. You were born to two very decent cooks with even better taste. I mean, c'mon, your papá roasts his own coffee beans.

On the day you turned five weeks old, I finally switched you from disposable diapers to cloth. This is a big deal. I have felt tremendous guilt every time I have thrown another disposable into the trash. It's not a nice feeling knowing that I'm adding yet another undecomposable diaper to a landfill. But I honestly couldn't have handled cloth diapers any sooner than now. Cloth requires LOADS of laundry and I'm finally healthy enough both in body and mind to fathom the reality of a load every two days in addition to all the other laundry that is required with a new baby.

The Sunday just before your seven week mark you stayed up all day. Almost. I think you slept a total of four hours that day. And then you couldn't fall asleep once it was really time for night-nights. SERIOUSLY, kid.

So that night, I got ferberized. You won. The following day I bought you a pacifier and a swaddling blanket.

The second that thing went in your mouth I cried.

But then there was tremendous relief. For the first time you wouldn't be needing me for sucking comfort. Anyone could now hold you and give you that feeling.

I was scared that I'd lose my job, but as it turns out, you entertain the idea of a plastic nipple for only so long, chewing on it half-heartedly, and then you let us know that, "No, actually? I'd like the real thing, now, please and thanks."

In two days we take you to the doctor for your two month wellness exam. You'll receive your first set of vaccines at this visit. We may be bohemians, but we're not idiots.

I'm a tad nervous about all this, not because I don't believe in vaccines, but rather, I'm afraid of what your reaction might be. Life is hard enough as it is, but add a feverish baby to the mix, and OH GEEZ.

Also, in two days, you get to meet your abuela for the first time. That's pretty exciting. And also scary. You and I are going to spend a lot of time with her, just the three of us, and I'm new to this whole having a mother-in-law thing. But I don't doubt it will be fine, just like the vaccines.

You met your Uncle Jon, my baby brother, this month and it was way more exciting than when you met your Auntie Mabby, my sister. You were a total lump when she came home from Italy for a week back in early April. But Jon got to see you coo and smile and be awake for more than five minutes at a stretch. You really poured on the charm, and I think he's in love. Good job, baby.

In the last few days you've discovered your hands. Namely, the fact that you can put them in your mouth. But you can also somewhat use them to guide other things into your mouth, like my hands. This is just the beginning.

Happy Second Monthday, kiddo. It's been fun; let's do more.