I don't know that you can work with a master bedroom without considering the master bath - you're bound to see both rooms at once, so you better make them cooperate.

The existing bath tile is buttery mustard yellow with a 1930s feel, at that. I'd love to match it with some faint grays and wood accents. So where do we go from there? Our bedroom furniture is black and birch (the dresser is in need of A LOT of love), so I'm thinking a tint of Tiffany Blue for the walls, erring on the seafoam side of things.

I bought our current duvet cover off eBay and it apparently was bought off eBay before I bought it off eBay and I do not recommend this combination. It came to me with a huge tear and has continued to deteriorate. I think a fresh start with new linens is in order.

I don't really have much more to go on than color and letting the bath tile lead the way, so here it is:

The Big M

Eames rocker, Modern Seed; Dachshund lamp, UO; organic cotton fabric, Etsy; striped duvet, Dwell Studio;

Master Bedroom palette, me!; Master Bath palette, me!

felt pebbles, Etsy; Pendleton towel, Pendleton; wood shower mat, Target;