I have not forgotten. I started to make a board for the entry à la mudroom (I have East Coast envy), but umbrella stands are terribly ugly. The kitchen cabinets and counter are less than inspiring, and the laundry room has emerald green faux marble linoleum.

These are indeed the last of the rooms to be thought about, but I really have nothing to say because, quite frankly, I'm now bored with this project.

My mom is somewhere in Italy and she just rolled her eyes.

Plus, I'm tired of working on someone else's computer. You don't realize how in tune with your set-up you are until it's gone; it's laborious to do even simple tasks when nothing's where you'd put it.

It's Thursday, the end of this "vacation" is nearly in sight, and I'm exhausted. And whiny, apparently.

This means, then, that we'll play Before and After. Like we weren't going to already.