These are feeling rushed, and may read that way, but this old PowerBook is less than trustworthy, so rather than lose all the open windows with necessary links, I'll push.

OK, and also? I haven't had an adult conversation in weeks.

The living room has a big, brick fireplace and that's about it. The windows are lacking and right now it's paneled in wood and carpeted. I was thinking about all the stuff I've got that I cannot put to use in a studio apartment and that, along with wanting more light in the room, became my inspiration.

First is a vintage wool blanket with butterflies. I thought it would end up in her room one day, but I think it would make a great wall hanging. It's white with bright, geometric butterflies, but it needs some love. Next are a set of prints I made in the third trimester. I color mixed printing ink to match each of the "foods" the baby compared to while in utero: week five is a sesame seed, week six is lentil, and so on. I didn't get very far, but they're lovely and deserve to be framed and hung in a grid. Hello, Albers.

The walls should be off-white. Linen? Cream? That way the white in the room will stand out rather than wash out. Toss in some bright color accents like lamp shades, throws, and cushions. No screens, just books and toys in this room. A big floor rug, super comfy seating and a fire. Or, "fire" in this case, since we'll be lighting candles rather than burning logs.

Yee Ol Living Space

colorized bookcase; Tripod Floor Lamp, Target; Albers; butterflies; autumn love; crochet blanket, Sandra Juto; hammock; color palette, me!