Before I go any further it should be stated that these are sketches and haven't been run by anyone else living in the house, e.g. my husband. I'm bored, this is fun, the end.

Carry on.

My grandparents had a television in the kitchen but not the living room. I think that's classy. Almost. OK, rewind. My grandfather came out to California from New York and installed the first television antennas in the area, so a TV in the kitchen is sorta understandable. Sorta. Moving on.

We've already decided that we, too, will not have a TV, or screen as I'm now putting it, in the living area, either. The extra room will house the screen (TV, screen, blank wall, iMac - not really sure what it will be since we don't currently own a screen-thing) and our newly acquired Nintendo wii (yay!) and whatnot.

This room will also be the guest room and so the couch must convert. Therefore, the floor must be available for the pull-out, meaning lots of floor pillows and cushions for extra seating and lounging that can be tossed aside when company is in town.

Gray and orange will always be two of the best colors to ever meet, but I'm not sure how "just then, so no longer now" this looks, but I like it.

Again, I remind thee, SKETCH.

Screen & Guest Room

Morpheus print, Paper Tiger; Jorun rug, IKEA; Manstad sofa, IKEA; knitted poufs, CB2; wildflower clock, Etsy; flowery drapes, UO; color palette, me!