A new house means new ideas and new paint and new color and oh! color, how I love color! I don't want to change any of the original tile, so the bathrooms will be worked with (or around, in this case).

What was with the 1950s and the blue/pink bathroom tub/tile combo? The Internet has dealt with this before, so I've seen some advice, but for the love of the future, please don't ever do this again. Was it a one-sized-fits-the-family solution? Like, hey, if it's blue AND pink, you can have boys AND girls. TWO BIRDS TWO STONES.

Whatever. Here's what I've come up with so far.

Hall Bath

On the board from the top around and down to the bottom: Solar Flower, UO; For Like Ever print, Village Version 2.0; Bunny Bath Mat, UO; Falling Leaf Shower Curtain, UO; Color Palette, by me!

Looks like it's IKEA and Urban Outfitters on a tight budget FTW.