Our baby sleeps in our bed in our room, but once we have more than one room, that might change. But I have a feeling it won't. Either way, it would be nice for her to have a space in the house. My old room at my parents' house is painted purple: deep amethyst on the ceiling and a lighter tint on the walls. I've realized it cuts down on reflected light and so simple window shades are fine, no black-out curtains necessary. One morning, half-asleep, I had a vision for Paloma's room that used dark paint, but also kept in mind that it's a room for a child: chalkboard paint!

Which immediately begs the question: am I inviting my child to draw on every wall in every room of the house? To curb this inclination I plan on making the chalkboard very distinct. It will be black and have a strong, white border. The top border will double as a shelf for the chalk and also serve as a bumper to prevent runaway arms armed with chalk. Also: CHALK NEVER LEAVES THE ROOM.

This is totally going to work.

But how much damage can chalk do outside the room? I think it's safe. And fun!

Since Will was born in Japan and of Peruvian descent, and I born and raised in California, I think a bohemian feel is appropriate - it'll cover all the bases.

The bottom half of the walls will be painted charcoal chalkboard, the upper half in deep turquoise. I'm unsure about the ceiling - perhaps a lighter, almost-white pink. Most of the colors are inspired by her mobile I constructed with Amy Butler fabric in Sunspots. I chose the mobile fabric in hopes to transition it from above our bed into her room one day and so I wanted a variety of colors that were fun to play with. Thinking ahead!

A shop in St Helena has ralli quilts (at a good price, I recall) and I think one would convert into a great roman shade for the window.

I've got a paper parasol in my closet that I'm dying to turn into a ceiling light shade. It was bought as weak sun protection for the record-breaking heat one summer at Coachella.

And there will be a teepee. Sticks and hand-painted muslin. I'm most excited about that.

Paloma's Room

Cosmic Creepers print, Deth P. Sun; Counting Birds Wall Cards, Amazon; Alphabet poster, Etsy;
giggle Momiji doll, momiji; Parasol print, Etsy; Bedding, Anthropologie; color palette, me!