Would it be a vacation with a baby without a highly contagious disease? It would appear she's got a mild case of thrush, which, according to Dr. Sears, has no cause, unless antibiotics are the cause, which they're not, in which case there is no cause. But there's yeast in my baby's mouth which means there's a red rash all over my breasts and belly, so a cause would really be comforting right around now. I say "mild" because so far it seems to be under control, but perhaps this is just the beginning.

I've ordered us some UV-therapy, meaning we both sit out on the deck in the morning sun with our respective affected parts exposed: her bottom and my top. I suppose there are worse ways to cure an infection, and we've got probiotics and vinegar washes in the mix, but I could've done without the added stress.

Wait. We sit in the sun on the deck all morning with our clothes off. Nevermind.

Vacation? Check.