On buying a new toy, new:

1. It's plastic, but PVC free.
2. The dog or baby can play with it, so if one rejects it, perhaps the other will approve. Better yet, they play with it together.
3. It's dishwasher safe, but also just very washable because, see above.
4. For sale at a local, non-chain baby/kid shop in Oakland.
5. Made by a local company, based in Santa Cruz.
6. So local, in fact, that our friends Sean Paul and Seair know the owners.
7. It was at their house that I first played with one and saw how indestructible it is, withstanding a big dog while being gentle on the walls and windows on wayward bounces.
8. Most importantly, I didn't think the odds of finding one used were favorable.

After careful consideration, I parted with $9 and brought home an Oball. We love it.