As we get closer to the move - 5 days to go! - I'm getting really, really excited. It feels like Christmas because the walls have all been painted, the floors are polished, the windows are in and I have yet to see it all together; the big reveal will come on moving day. I've heard from my sources, though, that things are looking great, which just makes me more excited to see it.

So, here goes: Entry Hall, Kitchen and Laundry Room

Will and I feel differently about this, but I'd like the house to be shoe-free. With two pets, there's already a lot of dust and dander without us adding our shoe-grit, and as a friend of mine used to say, "Crack shoes!" He was always sure that if you were out in the street, you'd probably stepped in crack. He lived on 18th St and Shotwell, so yes, he probably had.

With a crawling baby in the house (she's crawling!) I'd like to keep the floor dirt at a minimum, so it's only polite to offer a bench and bin at the front door to encourage shoe removal.

I've spied a bench in the "attic" in the garage, and we've got those nifty hooks but now I'm thinking of baskets and bins and oversized handmade felt slippers like in the castles in Germany. Will wears hats quite often and needs a place for those. A key rack is helpful for keeping track of where you set them down and it's also nice to have a spot to toss (or neatly hang) jackets and gloves.

Below are some fun things for the entry, kitchen and laundry room:


Hat rack from IKEA.
Kitchen clock with timer by Bai Designs.
Bench by DWR.
Wrist Worm by Sandra Juto.
Wool dryer balls on Etsy. (I wish someone had told me about these years ago. I'm excited to try them out and, there, now I've told you.)
Moka print also by Sandra. (There is nothing this woman makes that I don't adore.)

Wish us luck! Packing up an apartment with a moving baby is no easy task: this morning I removed scissors, bolts and packing tape from her roving limbs.