Last night Will took me to the ballet as an early birthday gift and it was there I realized that I've already crossed of a Life List entry: Learn ballet.

I took ballet very briefly as a child (preschoolish-aged) and I loathed every moment; getting me in my leotard and into the car was hell, I know, and I wasn't the mother in this situation. My mom forced it on me until she signed me up for soccer, in which I willingly participated, and that got me off the ballet-hook. But, of course, later as an adult, I wished I'd stayed in dance and sat there wanting to take an adult class, until one day I realized I am an adult and can go sign myself up for a class.

So I did.

That was sometime in 2007 and now it's 2010, so that's three off-and-on years of study; I danced while pregnant with Paloma, even. I totally SUCK at ballet, but I love every minute of class. And, dude, legwarmers!, perhaps if I'd been given legwarmers as a toddler I would have stuck with it.

So, there, Life List, take THAT.