A post script to the date shake post is this:

Some time around four months or so, we decided that perhaps Paloma was indeed sensitive to cow's dairy and I should stop consuming so much cheese. Cheese! I hadn't been able to eat cheese in years and being pregnant and lactating had turned my tolerance back on. It was delightful but short-lived.

I didn't really buy the idea but it was worth trying since she was in so much pain, digestively speaking. Plus? Blood in baby stool is never a welcome sight, so I gave it up and it solved all her problems in an instant.

The best part of going off dairy (again) has been discovering coconut milk. I love this stuff. It makes for some great dairy.

The only problem being that it comes in cans. Evil cans. But like just about everything that comes in a can, you can, indeed, make it yourself, so now I'm crossing off 'milk' and keeping the 'coconut' bit on the list. And? Useable byproduct. Can't beat that.

How to make coconut milk on Nourished Kitchen via the habit of being