At some point the other week I found myself unnecessarily frustrated with Facebook. My news feed never told me anything worth reading, it kept telling me about people I'd asked it not to (yes, hi, we are friends, but no, I don't care which rap album is rocking your world this morning), and the iPhone app was driving me insane, constantly buzzing with news that *gasp* someone else had also commented on the post I commented on. I. Don't. Care. Ever since Facebook ditched email for notifications, I've found it annoying to interact with, but I'm not complaining! I went and found a new social network. And then some.

I'm finding myself using Path on the iPhone, Instagram on the iPhone, and Twitter from time to time on all the various Steve Jobs' devices.

Oh. And that girl website: PINTEREST. I find myself using that often when I want visual inspiration.

So I'm saying all this to say that I updated my personal website to reflect the changing times. Gone is Facebook (because, let's be honest, I wasn't going to accept your friend request), delicious (breaks my heart!), and flickr (another Death by Yahoo!™). And in their place is most of the above.

This is Kate. She likes you, still.