Today you are twenty four months old.

You have made so much progress integrating into this life of yours on Earth over the last year.

You sleep much easier, you speak with great skill, you wear underwear, you're gentle and quiet with the cat, loud and rough with the dog, you eat with a spoon and a napkin in your lap, you love chocolate, you detest garnish, you can survive just about any length trip in the car so long as you have access to an iPhone, you can take your own shirt and pants off, you can put just about any object atop your head and declare it A HAT!, you scream, you cry, you laugh, you wrap your arms so tight around my neck and declare, I LOVE MAMA...'S HAIR.

You are bright and strong and just about the best thing I've ever known.

And I'm so glad I get to celebrate you today without having to push your big ol' head out at 18:44 this evening.

Happy Birthday.