Today you are thirty nine months old.

Thirty days ago I'm not sure what this letter was going to be about. I had an idea, but today all I can think about is KILL ALL THE THINGS.

I put myself on a sugar-free diet for 30 days starting three days ago and one day in we decided to put you on the regimen, and today you're going through withdrawal and I'm smashing all the things. It's pretty horrific.

According to the schedule, tomorrow I need a nap and it's your turn to kill all the things. Good times.

It's hard on us both. Not that we eat sugar all day long, but sugar is sneaky and hides in perfectly acceptable foods like grains and dairy and legumes and HONEY. Today you tried to convince me that I had it all wrong - eggs are chockfull of sugar while that Dutch Baby you're dying for? That's just fine!

Nice try.

I don't know if this'll work yet. I have no idea. But at this point I'm willing to try just about anything. The first day was nothing short of a miracle. Your mood was incredible and we saw YOU and you are amazing and we hope for more of YOU to shine through.

Your wild swings through emotional states are hard on all of us, but, I imagine, it's hardest on you. No one should be so severely ruled by their mood, especially not a tiny three year old. You have too much light for all that weight, my dear. I want to help you find a better way.

Happy Thirty Ninth Monthday.