Today you are forty two months old, which is three and a half, which is probably awesome? I don't know. I completely forgot to tell you this morning that you are now three, AND A HALF.

I forgot, in part, because you've started preschool and today was your second day. We are still getting into the swing of things, obviously!, and so I'm not all that great with remembering random things.

We used to lounge around all day in jammies, or *ahem* naked, and now we have to, like, you know, be SOMEWHERE at a CERTAIN HOUR and not be naked, no.

I think it's safe to say we felt the same about that first day of school. You and I have been together every day since the day you started growing in my belly. I can count on one hand the number of days we've been apart and so it was pretty big for us both to separate on Monday.

Sunday night you told me, in tears, that you didn't want to go to school after being very excited all summer about starting school. And then Monday morning you also said you didn't want to go to school and that you were terrified of the other kids hurting you.


It's one thing to drop off a kid chomping at the bit, but quite another who is terrified of getting hurt. So, no, I was not ready to leave you, even though I knew that you would be fine. I trust your teachers and I trust the other mamas to look out for you like they would their own child, but you're not their child, your mine. My baby.

But you said goodbye and gave me a kiss and the longest hug you've even given - and that's when I knew you knew what I knew and that this was big. You always know.

And then you made sure to give Arden a kiss and a hug, too, and off you went.

Off into the world you went. And you did great.

Happy Half Birthday!