Last Saturday you turned fifty months old.

As I type this, you and your sister are behind me, fighting. Again. But a few minutes ago, you were both reading quietly. And then, just now, you sprang up, and screamed, "Chase me!"

Your relationship with your sister this month has shot up like the sunflowers in our garden. You were not so sure about having a sister nor being a sister, and a big sister, at that, but this month you've taken on the role like a champ and blossomed into an amazing big sister.

Your sister adores you, and you are starting to enjoy her. It might help that she talks enough (and well enough) that you can understand and communicate with her. Or it might have just taken you eighteen months to warm up to the whole thing. Either way, it has been amazing to watch the two of you take your sisterhood and run with it.

At first I was terrified of the fighting, thinking that if you weren't getting along, I had failed at having two children, but as it turns out, fighting is normal and quite healthy. You will experience unconditional love through the relationship with your sister, and she with you. I didn't really care about having siblings until just now - now that I see how important this relationship will be - for as long as you have it.

Happy Fiftieth Monthday.