Today you are fifty two months old.

First, before I launch into the amazing leaps you've made this month, I would like to state for the record: You sister is the best thing that happened to you. You may not agree, but she is. She is the new Paloma-whisperer. She understands you in a way none of us can. She sees you through another child's eyes and has been a translator, in a way, of your behaviors, not unlike how I have to translate for her when you two aren't communicating very well.

You have a dog named Asha. She is part imaginary dog, part you. She comes out when you are anxious or scared. She whimpers or growls. Arden knows all about Asha. She talks about Asha. Sometimes Arden is Asha.

Your sister is watching you - never forget that. She will be your best friend in the whole wide world if you let her.

So this month. Wow. Swim lessons. Ballet class. Big things that you have hurdled right over. Yes, you've kicked me more this month and had a few screaming melt-downs, but you wore tights for 50 minutes three times this month and put your entire body under water eight days in a row. This is incredible.

I have loved watching you move into a place that causes a bit of discomfort, take it over, in your own way, and rock it like only you can do. You have your own style and method, but the job gets done. It is an honor to witness. I know I've typed those words before, and I'm sure I will again.

Happy Fifty Second Monthday.