On Wednesday you turned fifty four months old.

I always liked half birthdays. Not because I ever celebrated them, but, rather, because they were unspecial. It was a day that marked a turning point, like a looping back, a full moon, then waning back to start a new year.

This month you started your second year of preschool. You're at a different school this year, and I could not be more pleased with how it's going. It is such a great fit for you, and I'm so happy we found this school for your last year of "pretend" school before the big, scary stuff begins.

In two weeks of school I have already seen progress in your social growth. You have used new words and phrases, you've engaged completely differently, both with your sister at home and with the other kids at school.

I whipped up a special dessert for your half birthday, and I don't know that I could have made the day any more spectacular. You are a sugar-fiend, and I think the light-as-air meringue, vanilla chantilly, and sweet, juicy berries were a hit.

Happy Half Birthday!